The authors, Andrea & Soren Harris, are a mother/son team who together wrote this book series based on a true story. They live in the Seattle area where it is very wet and frogs are in abundance! Soren, adopted a wild frog whom he named Jet. Soren liked to take him out of his terrarium to see where Jet would hop!

Soren, who was in first and second grades at the time the first two books were written, was a homeschooled student and writing these books was part of the fun, creative and free styled curriculum. Soren’s “Grammy” has a house on the beach in the Seattle area. This is also where his mom Andrea grew up and also where Soren spent a good deal of his childhood. That very beach is what inspired the backdrop for the second book.

Together, with the talents of the amazing illustrator, Shem Arnold, this mother/son author team has set out on an adventure of their own in putting together this brilliant & richly detailed book series. They are busily writing more imaginary adventures for Jet to hop into!